Love Potion Body Oil

Love Potion Body Oil

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This is for ALL the lovers.

Self love.

Radical love.


Healthy love.

Design to kink, I mean kick it up a notch. (wink)

Benefits include:

  • promotes stamina
  • creates sensation 
  • promotes happiness and confidence 
  • boosts fertility
  • assists with self love and healing  
  • increases libido 

WARNING: This is NOT for those who are lactating/breastfeeding, pregnant or on blood pressure/blood thinner medications. Consult your doctors before purchasing.

Need a little bit of spark in your intimate life?

•”Love Potion” Body Oil (4 oz): Created as a body oil or to use as a massage oil (for your yoni or your other body parts), this oil blend of jasmine, rose, honeysuckle and vanilla helps provide relaxation as well as love to wherever you may need it. A little goes a long way (trust us).  

Ingredients: Rosa damascena, Alchemilla vulgaris, Dioscorea villosa, Centella asiatica, Persea americana, R. canina & R. rubiginosa, Simmondsia chinensis